How to Play

Download the Creatica.exe file and open it. A black screen should pop up with white text to follow. When prompted, enter in your response and press enter to submit.


My friend group consists of huge frog fans. We always send memes, pictures, and TikToks to each other, basking in the existence of this unique amphibian. Big chonky African Pixie frogs or teeny lil Desert Rain frogs, all are beautiful in their own way. The card feature of this program was inspired by The Game of Life, a classic American board game.

What it does

The purpose of the game is to gain as many flies before the game ends. 24 lily pads make up the game board. Every sixth lily pad is a Fly Day, where the income will be added to your total flies. Fly Days are the only space that does not have to be landed on to activate, as simply passing it will activate it. Every third and fifth lily pad is an event card, in which something happens to your frog resulting in a one-time deduction/addition of flies. Every fourth lily pad is a skill card, which is similar to the event card except it reduces/increases your income throughout the rest of the game. At the beginning, you will name your frog and choose its career from three randomized cards. Each career has an income associated with it, which can change throughout the game via skill cards. Movement is decided through the rolling of a six-sided die. Once reaching the eleventh lily pad, you will be forced to stop and choose a house, gifted by your frog parents. Once exceeding the 24th lily pad, the game will end and your total flies will be calculated.

How I built it

I spent an hour or so roughly drawing out the game board to decide where special lily pads would occur and how to make them work. After that, I used C++ on Visual Studio 2019 to code everything. After creating a rough code, I entered in all of the card descriptions, formatting as I went through vigorous testing.

Challenges I ran into

I originally had the Fly Days occur every fifth lily pad. However, that means someone could roll a six and gain two Fly Days in one roll. So, I edited the code to every sixth. In addition, if the frog passed over the Fly Day but landed on an event/skill lily pad, the code originally only activated the Fly Day. In switching the order of some conditional statements, this was fixed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really happy with the program as a whole, to be honest. I truly love frogs and this was a program I had a lot of fun coding. Some of the logic challenges, like making sure events/skills do not repeat, were really exciting to figure out.

What I learned

Although I had experience working with arrays in Java, we have yet to cover the unit in C++. I researched via forums how to use them in this language, which was surprisingly similar. I also looked into ArrayLists, the most similar thing in C++ being vectors, but decided that they would not be the best choice for this program.

What's next for LeapFrog: A Frog's Life

With more people on the team, I hope to expand the program to include more interactive surprise events and card descriptions, which would then allow me to increase the duration of the game to hopefully 50 squares. In addition, someone really familiar with graphic design/animation could make the board game aspect of the game come to life, maybe even putting it on a website for others to enjoy!

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