As it was our first hackathon, we wanted to take advantage of the hardware available to us without going too far over our heads. I was always interested in theremins and wanted to try playing one, but they are too rare to find easily. The theremin is an ideal instrument to implement with the Leap Motion because it requires no physical contact and gives no physical feedback. Each member of our group has a small amount of experience playing the piano, so we used this knowledge to design a user interface that provided the features and information needed to easily perform (or mess around) on the theremin.

The software is targeted at anyone with a basic familiarity of instruments as it requires a grasp of pitch, volume, and dexterity. With a more precise sensor, we can imagine our theremin being picked up like a real instrument. We are most proud of both our simplified user interface that caters to all levels of musical experience and our autotuning feature which allows even the least experienced users to enjoy the theremin.

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