2 of our team chose photography as a hobby. Resulting from this, we have a lot of images to sort which is boring and can be really slow to do. We were looking for a solution which makes it faster and more fun to finish this task. This is how LMS (Leap Motion Sorter, or "Let me see") was born.

How it does it work?

After loading a folder, the program will gather all the image files located in it. With very intuitive gestures like swypes (left, right, up, and down), you are able to navigate across the pictures (left - right) and "throw" them in two groups (up and down). What happens next is up to you!

We have made a version where you can just simply delete the bad ones (throwing them to the trash), or upload them to some cloud (we chose Dropbox) or save it to some other safe place.

We also made an option to simply sort images in two folders! On the video you can see an example of sorting ducks and llamas. Add a timer and some scores, and it is a very fun game to play!

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