We were inspired by the ingenuity of Michael Tilson Thomas of SF Symphony, so we decided to provide the public an opportunity to experience the pleasure of conducting.

What it does

Simulates Conduction of Mary Had a Little Lamb

How I built it

We used the leap motion JS API to interpret the hand movement data, and we built our own custom midi player using midi.js and flocking.js. We also used three.js to visualize the hand movements on the screen. The final result is a website that plays and modulates sound, and visualizes hand movements.

Challenges I ran into

Synthesizing sound properly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pretty much creating a new player from scratch and integrating it with Leap Motion.

What I learned

Using Leap Motion and synthesizing sound with Flocking.js

What's next for Conduction Heat

Supporting custom .midi file import

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