Inspiration- The idea of controlling your computer without touching anything since touching a computer screen or scrolling through a mouse is not always easy, especially when you are eating or have dirty hands.

What it does- Allows to control your own computer with nothing but motion of hands in the air and self declared gestures.

How we built it- We mainly used a Leap Motion and used Java coding in Eclipse and created a code which allows us to manipulate and declare motion and gestures to control our computer.

Challenges we ran into- Understanding the code and beginning it was a challenge. Also hooking up the Leap Motion with our computers without any external application was a bit of a challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of- Being able to run and use Leap Motion without the official applications by the company is an accomplishment since we coded the motion and gestures on our own. Also, considering it is my first hackathon ever, I'm proud of our project

What we learned- The idea of coding and performing motion in 3 dimension was something new for me. Along with that, we learned about coding in 3D and involving vectors in it. Learning to use a new piece of hardware was also very interesting.

What's next for Leap Motion controlled Computer- Use an Arduino along with it and give it data specified commands on a robotic car

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