From small businesses to large corporations, all business owners experience at least one common issue; selecting qualified candidates. In general, candidates are selected based on a combination of their resume, cover letter and/or application form. The only issue with this system is that it relies on the applicant to submit a fair representation of their attributes and why they think they are suitable for the job, which is difficult to for a company to assess just by reading through a resume, largely because it relies on assumptions that the candidate is indeed telling the truth. So what if their was a way to analyse these applications and qualify the level an attribute before it even reaches human eyes. This inspiration lead to the development of leap. Intelligent recruitment

Leap is a online system that enables recruiters to qualify applicant attributes, providing companies with a more efficient model in which they can sort through their potential candidates.

All you have to do is

  1. Upload a CV onto the system
  2. Upload the link to the job description 3* (The idea was for it the system to then ask you questions that are tailored towards your skill set and the job description

*Note: At this point, the system is not fully functional but in the future we hope to get it working properly

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