Target User is an Angel investor ( < 3 partner early stage fund) who decides which startups to invest in but today they don't use data about the progress of startups to make decisions .

I mentor startups in Lean Startup and have practiced innovation accounting to help track their progress but see that other early stage and angel investors don't do it and they lose out. They are plagued by both cases of false positive and false negative. I saw the same pattern happen at Intuit where I ran a corporate accelerator program called iCombinator.

We are building tools to help investors do innovation tracking of startups they have as well as startups that they are interested in looking at.

In this hackathon the scope is very narrowly focussed on buliding an easy to use visually rich 1Pager that gives details about what are the key data about the startup.

Our grand vision is where all early investment in the world is tracked through innovation accounting

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