Our goal is to change the political climate in the United States from a highly bipartisan to a unified one. We tackle this great task through the use of media, which has become ever more radicalized. By using pew research to receive the political lean of a news outlet, we can slowly shift people's choice of media towards a more center political spectrum.

What it does

We determine if a user is currently on a news source through our google extension, from there we send some information regarding the article they are reading to a server. This server will process the news source, determining it's political lean as well as the users past history to create a gauge of what is an acceptable news source for the user. After this, we locate the the rss feed (that many news outlets provide) as well as check if we can potentially web scrape the new news outlet for an article of interest. Given we find an ample article, we provide it back to the user and they have the choice to click on the non-intrusive article link.

How we built it

We built this product using a series of apis such as node.js, jquery.js, rss all in javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up the rss feed as well as properly web scraping all the content from the news outlets was a challenging task that involved team work, stackoverflow, and perseverance. Another complicated portion was making sure content could be requested from an https website which inhibits http requests that aren't https.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished the project past the MVP! Honestly, there is nothing more exciting then seeing a working final product.

What we learned

Writing chrome extensions that inject themselves into the websites raw is a complex task that requires a lot of forethought and planning as you can't just make one thing hard coded as every website is different.

What's next for Lean-To

We plan to improve a lot of the algorithms to determine what is a proper article to display for the user. We also would like to provide some data analytics for the admins to determine which practices work, and which don't. Another key thing we would love to work on is improving the actual web scraping and properly presenting content for a lot more news outlets.

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