Inspiration: We built it as in inspiration of the roblox game robeats. It is kind of like this and every time you get a note right, it increases your score.

What it does: The app is based of of relative speed and quickness to respond. The game shows a series of difficult notes to play corresponding to the beat of the song.

How we built it: We used scratch, custom music, and coding blocks involved with the 3.0 update

Challenges we ran into: We did not know how to upload the music; You had to take in to fact that my team was made up of beginners

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We were able to complete the app with many time to spare and it was brilliant.

What we learned: We learned that with a team you can be suitable for any challenge and the way we accomplished this challenge clearly shows it.

What's next for Leaked - Scratch Game: We are planning to edit this game over the next couple of weeks and maybe implent it into play store or something like that

Built With

  • scratch
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