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Npm package for the official League of Legends API.

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npm i --save leagueoflegends-api

Basic Usage

This is a basic example on how to use the API, soon I will have full documentation covering how to use every function available.

Require the package into your project.

const LeagueofLegends = require('leagueoflegends-api');
// or with ES6
import LeagueofLegends from 'leagueoflegends-api';

Create a new instance of the API with your API_KEY and target region.

const lol = new LeagueofLegends(YOUR_API_KEY, 'na');

lol.findSummoner('shp corasan').then((result) => console.log(result));

You will get an object like this:

  "shpcorasan": {
    "id": 48641392,
    "name": "SHP CoraSan",
    "profileIconId": 1301,
    "revisionDate": 1477504931000,
    "summonerLevel": 30

Note: All functions return a Promise.

Version 1.0.2 supports the following APIs:

  • [x] summoner-v1.4
  • [x] stats-v1.3
  • [x] matchlist-v2.2
  • [x] match v2.2
  • [x] league-v2.5
  • [x] Game
  • [x] champion v1.2

Coming soon:

  • [ ] championmastery
  • [ ] lol-static-data-v1.2
  • [ ] lol-status-v1.0

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