From personal experience playing League of Legends, it is helpful to search up information during a game to help guide your gameplay. For example, who is the weakest or strongest on your team can help you determine which lanes to gank or who to play around. Rather than awkwardly alt tabbing and searching up all this info manually, just let the Google Assistant do it all with minimal effort.

What it does

Interfaces with Riot Games API to give you statistics and information on League of Legends. Especially useful for in-game situations and looking up current game stats.

How I built it

Google Actions, Javascript with Node webhook.

Challenges I ran into

Google Cloud functions don't support latest node, only v6 so cannot use async/await

Typeerrors, undefined errors...all sorts of things.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

Getting started with actions and NLP

What's next for league_assistant

Built With

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