Why this application?

With a couple quick button clicks, you can check whether there are any exciting professional League of Legends players currently streaming on Twitch.tv. You no longer need to bother pulling your phone out of your pocket or boot up your laptop to see if you are missing a featured League of Legends stream.

Who is going to use this app?

League of Legends is one of the most popular, competitive eSports with an ever-growing fanbase. League of Legends players and enthusiasts will enjoy the simplicity of this Pebble WatchApp for keeping up on the most featured streams.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Shows Top 5 Live League of Legends Streams (determined by number of viewers)
  • Sub-Menu contains: name of player, title of stream, viewer count, and number of followers player has
  • 'Shake-to-update' the list of the Top 5 League of Legends streams


PebbleWatch will revolutionalize how fast we get updates and information. Before, smartphones outperformed computers in the race to deliver information to the user to provide a more efficient lifestlye. Smartwatches are the new smartphones; therefore, my goal is to provide quick information for League of Legends enthusiasts who want to minimize the amount of time it takes to view featured streams from 2 minutes with a smartphone to about 30 seconds with a PebbleWatch.

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