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League of Legends is a popular MOBA that we, and many people we know, enjoy. We wanted to create a web application where we can test our knowledge of the game's champions in a fun and challenging way.

What it does

League of Questions is a web-based quiz game. When first entering the site the user is asked to input a name. That name is registered locally and keeps track of their scoring information. The current version only hosts one champion sound question; however, we added a database of many more champions to be added in the future. Four buttons “q” “w” “e” “r” display on the screen after the user enters their chosen name. Each button will play a sound corresponding to one champion. The user will then have to guess which champion has those sounds. Once successful, the user will be redirected to the final score screen and display their score.

How I built it

This application was built using: MongoDB Python Flask ReactJs

Challenges I ran into

There was confusion when setting up our database with MongoDB. We had difficulty adding and accessing information. We had difficulties connecting the frontend and backend so that they could successfully interact with each other. We ran into issues with cors when trying to access our database and publishing it to our application user interface. Overall we had difficulty using languages html, css because we aren’t very familiar with them

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing a prototype of our web application idea The home page is very aesthetically pleasing

What I learned

How to use MongoDB, Flask, and React How to code in html, javascript, and css How to use axios

What's next for League of Questions - ZotHacks2019

There is a lot of potential for growth if we had more time. With a database already set up, new champions can be added easily as well as other question types if wanted.

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