My whole team plays League of Legends almost everyday, and we love the game! Except for one small issue. League of Legends makes us get quite upset at each other at times. What better way to solve this than to create a small script?

What it does

This script will run through all processes running on your computer, and if it sees League of Legends, it will immediately terminate the process and open up an article about why people get mad at video games.

How we built it

We imported the WMI package to gather all processes running on the computer. We then looped through all of the processes until it found the League of Legends client process. We then used WMI to terminate the process. We also imported the "os" package, which was used to force open a website on the computer. The code will then loop back and constantly check if league of legends is running, repeating the process.

Challenges we ran into

The entire team had no idea how to code anything! We all learned very quickly how python works and what we needed to do to make this sort of thing happen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that we safely terminated the League process without breaking something was mind blowing to us.

What we learned

We learned how to use python, and how to use the WMI package.

What's next for League of Legends Repair Tool

We plan to have this program be more consistent and optimized, but other than that we are happy with it's current state.

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