I started out sort of thinking that I wanted to use the Riot Games api. After looking at the api I noticed

that we could get static champion data such as titles of champions and names of spells. WIth this the

idea of a quiz website was born. After a while I started to want to communicate with a backend made by

me, so we set up a nodejs server that would allow us to send http requests to get and update the

"global score" which is the total amount of points earned by everyone. After that, I heard that Microsoft

was giving out free Azure tokens, so I ran around looking until I got my hands on one. I put up the main

site, and the frontend ran fine, but I wasnt able to get the nodejs server running on azure, which meant

that I wouldnt be able to have an actual live representation of the global score. To be honest this is my

first application that ive made so I am just proud that I was able to make the app and get data from an


the repo for the site is here: https://github.com/Paulowarren31/LeagueQuiz

the repo for the "api" is here: https://github.com/Paulowarren31/TriviaApi

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