The main inspiration for this project was the idea of using one of my hobbies and building something that could enrich the player experience. The idea was to build a tool that could be easy to run, and does not add much to the screen while also helping the player to get better at the game. The tool needed to be easy to run since we needed it to not increment the fps of the player while running it and playing a match.

What it does

The tool uses data from older matches, it takes the data of the winner team and classifies the information of each player depending on their rank and tier and the role that the player had. After that, it analyzes the data and creates an average for:

  • Creeps per minute
  • Gold per minute
  • Kills
  • Assist
  • Deaths
  • Wards Placed
  • Wards Killed

Then it shows to the player the creeps per minute and the gold per minute while the player is in the match using the player live match data gathered with the riot API. After the player ends the match, it shows the player how their KDA(kills,assist,deaths) should look like, how many ward should have been placed and how many ward should had been killed.

How I built it

  1. I used a database that I found in riot developer discord channel that provides us with 10000 matches ids, and used the riot API to query each match data.
  2. Then I classified each data depending on the conditions and saved all the data to a pickle file.
  3. After that I created 2 types of gathering live data of the player depending on the user´s server(NA,LAN).
  4. Finally I created the GUI to display the data and to gather the players info such as summoner user, the server and the role they were playing.

Challenges I ran into

  1. I did not have matches ids to gather the data but after I joined the developer discord channel they helped me by giving me a JSON with matches id that I could use to query the information.
  2. After than I noticed that the API only gives you information depending on the server, so I had to do 2 different scripts depending on the user´s server.
  3. And finally in order to get live data from the riot API you had to submitted an application for the app you want to build, but this process takes 2 weeks. So I had to use the tournament API to gather information of the player´s match but it didn't gave me all the information that I was hoping so it reduced the features I wanted to add.

What I learned

I learned how to use the riot API since it was the first time using it, and also I learned how to use pickle as a way to save data without using a database or a cvc

What's next for League of legends helper

  • I will finish the GUI of the app so the player does not have to always use the terminal.
  • And I am hoping to use the data to able to train a ML and use it to analyze the heat map of the player and suggest different solutions on how to make good decisions in game.

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