Web games will be huge in the coming years. Due to many recent advancements in web technologies, high quality 3D multiplayer games have the potential to exist in the web. Why would we care about this? Well because Facebook would be nowhere without the web. And not only Facebook (no offense is intended), but many popular web services that reach hundreds of millions of people, would.. not reach hundreds of millions of people. The web is a platform of convenience. If games can be built for the web with identical functionality to native and console games, convenience begins to play a huge role in where gamers game.

Why try to imitate a game like League of Legends? Simple. It's consistently #1 on twitch stream views. By attempting this project, our intention was to showcase the viability of the web as a major gaming platform. World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Call of Duty, many of the games we know and admire can exist in the web. The age of domineering flash games will come to an end.

What it does

Connects players to play in a 3D multiplayer environment.

How we built it

Three.js (3D graphics), Firebase (networking), Firebase (database), Firebase(hosting) :O!!

Challenges we ran into

Prioritizing certain aspects of the game for presentation was challenging. We had planned on implementing a simple collision detection and combat system but had to settle on getting networking setup! We ended up with a few minutes to spare so decided to show our support for some of the sponsors who've supported us and the functionality of this Hackathon. You truly are our "Heroes" ;)

Sorry, not all sponsors are represented.. short on time :{

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding and modifying the format of the Summoner's Rift model.

What we learned

Most of us learned a ton about javascript. In addition, we now know how to use Google, Facebook, and Twitter authentication with Firebase.

What's next for League of Geometrical Objects

We're not sure

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