Let us think about how my mom does online shopping. She is quite tech savvy and can understand conversational interfaces like whatsapp, but is not able to work with different mobile app interfaces. That is the story of the next 100 million new mobile users in India.

What it does

We have build a conversational interface powered by AI to help with online shopping. You can complete the whole shopping cycle within the conversational interface, starting from discovering new trends in market, doing market research, comparing prices, getting user feedback and completing the purchase decision.

How we built it

We use Telegram as our conversational interface. We build and trained a natural language model using We used Amazon Product Search APIs to search for product details and Dataweave APIs for price comparison.

Challenges we ran into

Getting social and conversational in the same interface was a challenge. Also, training models take a long time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been able to accomplish the project that we set out in 24 hours. The hack master thought it was very ambitious.

What we learned

We learned a new conversational interface as well as training models using Overall, we have become believers that conversational UIs are the next big wave in user interactions.

What's next for League of 52

We plan to bring conversational interfaces to more aspects of daily life like organizing group activities, travel planning, education etc.

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