Recently due to the corona virus outbreak, people began to stay in their homes to be safe. It is natural for them to find something fun to do during these boring days. So me and my partner started this online game called "League of Legends" and figured out how many other people were into this game too. However, before we play the game, when we choose our position to play, we hesitated a lot since it was hard to choose what character to play. So we thought what if Alexa told us what character to play so that we can choose it quickly and play the game efficiently. This might seem a little bit off topic due to the fact that the topic we chose might not seem related to natural conversations. However, we thought that features such as our team's feature would be helpful for enhancing the various qualities that Alexa needs to become an AI bot that can not only discuss about basic features with human beings, but also some specific features that would create an empathy between the user and the bot.

What it does

So, as stated above, Alexa would be choosing a character depending on what position we are planning to play. If the user states out the position he/she wants to play, Alexa would randomly choose a champion(character) to play with. Not only that, but Alexa would recommend a thing called "roon" for the users too after choosing the champion for them. Roon is a special feature a character has in League of Legends that would improve their abilities in attack, defense, agility, etc. We have to choose our loons before we start the game, but many people have a hard time finding for the loon informations online despite the fact that they only have about 40 seconds to choose the loon. So, Alexa would save the gamers' day.

How I built it

Me and my teammate used python 3 to program for the bot. Specifically, we used a feature called the AWS (Amazon Web Service) to create a lambda function list for operating Alexa. Then we just connected that to the alexa developer console and tested out each time we added a new feature.

Challenges I ran into

It was my first time utilizing my python knowledge to work on such a big project. I thought that I needed a lot of these experience to be actually good at this field so I just signed up for the project to gain more knowledge upon this programming language. At first I literally had no idea what was going on except for the fact that I needed to build a bot that would enable natural conversations with users. With my basic knowledge of python, I thought that there wasn't enough information so I tried asking people who actually had this experience and watched youtube videos about programming conversation bots using python. Finally, I gained some knowledge in the field and used my own creativity to create the feature I wanted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got to learn more about python language itself and I am proud that I actually have done making at least one feature for Alexa.

What I learned

Programming is a language that cannot be educated only by textbook. Experience takes a big part.

What's next for League Alexa

Features such as : Alexa telling us our ideal woman/man type maybe? That's what I want to add next if I gain the opportunity to add features to Alexa

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