Team Leafy Greens is a group of old high school friends coming together to create a beautiful, influential application to better the world.


Project manager of Leafy Greens, Yasaman Mostafavi, has seen the difficulties that foreign born individuals face every day to get help and communicate with one another. Her family is a member of the Iranian Society in St.Louis, where they help others get cars, start businesses, buy houses, and even find the perfect place to buy a good eggplant. We created an app to bring all of these s

What it does

Coalesce is built to be a safe, translatable, and accessible website for foreign born individuals to join communities of similar people. Coalesce plans to bring together everyone together to make a better transition experience for new Americans and connect them with experienced ones.

How we built it

Team Leafy Green used Angular, Node, and Express, among other things to really get the ball rolling. Thanks to our experience in web development from past projects, we could buckle down experiment with concepts we never had before.

Challenges we ran into

Our one true downfall had to be theming our app. We bumped past countless errors as we frantically combed through the code.

What we learned

As our computer science teacher always said, experience trumps skill. This is especially true in development. We are proud to say we accomplished so much more than we could have a year, 6 months, or even 6 weeks ago in no more than 24 hours.

What's next for leafy greens

Because we are a set of 3 old high school friends, we really plan to keep working together to create awesome things that make the world a better place. Oh yeah, and have fun doing it.

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