LeafTrack is an online community created by Quierra Wells, Ethan, and Durul,and app focused on facilitating connections between marijuana producers, medical practitioners, and patients. Users can check product prices, type and description of the product through the application. LeafTrack is for patients who want to find the best medical marijuana strain for specific ailments, such as menstrual cramps, depression, autism, and addiction. With LeafTrack patients can easily find the medical professionals and schedule a consultation in a matter of seconds!

The purpose of this project is to offer aid in the relief efforts for Baltimore's opioid epidemic. The application offers patients listing of products and doctors that specialize in medicinal marijuana therapy. The information in the app offers a localized listing of medical practitioners, dispensaries, and products within Baltimore.

App Home Tab provides information about the availability of a product using your location Companies Tab gets a paginated list of producers Map allows you to find local dispensaries See a localized list of doctors and and schedule a consultation Loosely utilizes free version Cannabis Reports API. Website: Explores the history of Medical Cannabis Keeps up with the latest cannabis news Connects with the community via social media and slack http://greenleafnetwork.slack.com Website is built using a responsive wordpress template

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