Leaftagger is a powerful framework to get feedback from users directly in the native iOS app. It ultimately enables developers to iterate and launch product quicker.


Active Directly Feedback

No need to sign up on other platforms to get feedbacks from users, you can do this directly on your app.

Seamless Communication

No more messy emails back and forward, you can communicate with your users through your app.

Easy interface

If users want to leave any comments on your app, they can tell you easily and immediately through two-fingers touching on the app.

One-line code

To integrate all these awesome features into your app, all you need to do is to add one line code to it.

How it works

Step 1. Two Fingers Tap

Find a bug when you launch an app? Think there is a button that is really redundant? Want to report these annoying things to developers immediately? Just touch the screen with your two fingers and here you are at the review mood of a launching app!

Step 2. Long Press

Get tired of typing a long paragraph to describe where the bug is? With leaftagger, you just need to long press the screen to mark where the bug is with a piece of leaf.

Step 3. Leave Feedback

In the leaf, you can choose what kind of problems you have when you use the app, you can write down your comments and you can also record a video to convey your feedback more accurately.

Step 4. Join Discussion

Leaftagger is not just a platform to submit feedback, you can also read and discuss the feedbacks from other people simultaneously.

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