Leafless is a tool that determines “hot spots” around the city that are more susceptible to street flooding and accidents as a result of fallen leaves.

How we built it

Using the 2015 Street Tree Census, this tool calculates an individual “risk” for each tree based on its dimensions, species, and health.

Additional information from the 311 Service Request dataset about clogged catch basins over the last 10 years are also used in calculating the riskiness of a tree based on the locations of nearby catch basins.

A Learning Experience

This was a first time experience for the entire team, with regards to coding in Python or working with open data.

What's next for Leafless

  • Improve accuracy by incorporating weather & wind data
  • Compatibility with NYC Department of Sanitation trucks to ensure live time tracking of clean-up efforts

About the Team

Leafless is a project by team Data Ninjas (Naiem Gafar, Alexander Tenf, Pablo Tenf, and Arthur Korchkov ) of the NYCOpenData Student Showcase program. A special thanks to the Tech Incubator at CUNY, Queens College, Crosscompute, and all of the mentors who have provided exceptional feedback and resources to the team.

Sample Results (based on NYC zip code 11419)

Generated Choropleth

Generated Heatmap


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