We wanted a personalised site that helped people become waste-free/vegan and reduce their carbon footprint

What it does

It lets you make journal entries anytime that can help you track your environmentally friendly milestones. It can expanded to have easier input methods to track.

How I built it

We started from scratch using html, and incorporated other languages and platforms, like the firebase, css, javascript, and php.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into challenges with working with css. Additionally, firebase was very tricky, make a subdirectory for logins and signup buttons. With firebase, it was hard to get realtime data to save, but we made it work in the end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The journal idea was one that proved tricky even though we thought it would be simple. Creating a server that saves people's entries when they submit them was something none of us anticipated would be so hard, but with a lot of time and effort we finally saw it come into existence.

What I learned

All of us learned how to code for the first time. We had never had any experience before this with the exception of some html functions. It was an incredibly immersive experience, being thrown headfirst into a hackathon while having to learn how to code with fast-paced workshops all in one weekend. The end result is the most inspiring and beautiful part, because 4 girls with no experience made a functioning website in the span of two days.

What's next for leafdom

Leafdom has so much potential, which has inspired us with a plethora of ideas. Going waste-free and vegan for many seems like such a big commitment, and we want to make it easier. Going waste-free is like voting, every person who does it counts. We want to disassemble stigmas and promote a lifestyle that helps both people and the environment! We want to make surveys that are quick, easy and you can take either everyday or whenever you reach a milestone (like investing in plastic-free soap or making your first trip to a zero waste store)! Additionally, making an account will help you track your progress on a timeline, and make you proud of your achievements. We also want to provide people with information in a digestible manner so everyone can be better informed about their role in the world and the essence of their impact.

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