As four engineering students, we were naturally keen on new technologies and quite aware of their importance in the ecological transition. Plus, this transition is gaining momentum in France and very soon many people will want to save money and invest in green technology. For that matter, we felt very concerned about the 4th problematic of this week-end's Hackathon : Smart Eco-Homes (an open banking concept). We decided to design a PFM webApp aimed for customers concerned about their impact on the environment.

What it does*

The webApp gathers data from open banking methods and reshapes them to offer the customer an easy access to all of his finances. Furthermore, using data from the banks, the energy suppliers, and 3rd party applications (such as smart homes equipments), it allows the customer to manage in a whole new way his energy consumption, and therefore his impact on the environment.

How we built it

We wanted to create a playful and social platform to get users motivated to care about their carbon footprint. Keeping that in mind, we used the open banking environment to collect and shape data into clear understandable information for the customer. To make it playful, we imagined objectives to reach and comparison with friends or other users of the app.

Challenges we ran into

We are 4 very curious students but with more or less the same education and way of thinking. Trying to evolve in a whole new environment without landmarks and trying to think differently than we had done before was very challenging, yet thrilling. We managed to get the problem, idea, then business model clear enough but the technical coding aspect seemed to be always out of our grasp. Instead of wasting our 30hours coding nonsense, we focused on understanding the algorithm of data manipulation, without shaping it into code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was the first Hackathon for the whole team. We got in touch with an unknown concept and had to design it our way to make it appealing for a everyday use. We exchanged a lot during these 30 hours, within the team and also with the mentors and other collaborators from the Hackathon. We would like to thank MKB, Fintechlab, Oracle, and BOS for this opportunity. Everyone of us learned a lot this week end and we are definitively planning on participating in a Hackathon again.

What we learned

We had to get a lot more familiar with API protocols or open banking concept than we used to be in order to fully appreciate and comprehend the subject. Then we applied our knowledge on product designing but we always came upon something unexpected so that was really interesting for us.

What's next for Leaf, an environmental friendly open banking solution

We strongly believe in the potential of our product. We think that it stands out from other trendy banking apps thanks to a strong concern over user experience and a well designed layout. We believe that with some more time and the help of developers we could shape our idea into a ready-to-use service that would benefit the banks as well as the customers.

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