With all the data sources that are available to sales reps, they are still spending time searching the Internet to (1) Find companies to target (2) Identify people at companies and (3) Plan an engagement strategy. Much of this data exists on the Internet, but it is time intensive to discover, hard to document and not accessible while mobile.

LeadStorm uncovers, extracts, parses, normalizes, mashes and presents this unstructured data from the Internet just-in-time. It empowers mobile sales professionals by providing company, contact and engagement data in an easy to use iPad interface. LeadStorm seamlessly interfaces with Salesforce growing leads, increasing pipelines and driving bottom line revenue.

LeadStorm combines keyword and taxonomy engines to create highly targeted phrases. These phrases are used to build a list of companies matching the intended search performed via proprietary API's hosted on Heroku. The Internet is then crawled, on demand, in real time to extract names, titles, emails, phone numbers, bios and social network links. Contacts are scored based on cross reference points, data completeness, and ranked in score order. Companies are ranked based on the total median score of all the contacts found.

Once the contact list is built, leads are exported to Salesforce via the mobile SDK. Exported data includes bio data which allows sales engagement based on intelligence vs. data alone.

LeadStorm can also search one company at time. Perfect for doing quick research about a company at a trade show or minutes before a meeting.

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