Wise financial decisions are essential to general success in life. There is a high learning curve when it comes to any kind of financial investments; thus, we decided we would tackle a niche problem that happens to deplete first-time investors time and energy quite quickly. The first-time investor, is a person that is most likely not versed in the stock market, bond market, ETF, real-state market, mutual fund market and etc. However, very experienced financial investment adviser are trained to understand these markets and aid a potential investor through a beneficial strategic investment plan. However, not every financial investment adviser is made equal, and some are not in good terms with the law; now, as a first-time investor it'd be hard to filter through thousands of investors to find the right one for you. We wanted to solve this problem.

What it does

Our application will guide the user on choosing a near located financial investement advisor.

How we built it

We have built an app that shows a way to visualize the data given from Finra. We used python sklearn for machine learning, and matplot library to show a visualization of the data.

Challenges we ran into

There were multiple challenges that we ran into, one being we lost a member of our group. However, we still made it work, and are way on our journey of building this helpful application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to use machine learning to find relationship within our data. We have found, based on visualizing the data, that advisers that have taken both S63, and S65 exams are less likely to have a customer complaint or have been criminally charged.

What we learned

We learnt a plathora of way to display data, onto a website and make it accessible for everyone. To be more specific we learnt how to use python scripts and display that onto our website.

What's next for Leading Crane

We'd like to get more data in order to find out more attributes about the advisers we are searching for, in order to display that to an interested first-time investor; so that, we can help them through their financial freedom journey and cut down not only their time but learning curve as well.

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