The concept came from predicting the next big artist based on data collection about upcoming artists.

What it does


How we built it

We collected data using APIs from Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube and fed that to Microsoft Azure for machine learning doing linear regression and generating a score (probability of success). Through data visualization, this would help viewers to see the probability of success for an upcoming artists (for example, an artist who is not that popular on Spotify but has more followers on Twitter).

Challenges we ran into

Integrating APIs became a challenge due to rate limits and exceeding the thresholds for # of transactions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The idea and concept is still very groundbreaking and can help the industry recognize artists in advance. We're proud that we explored implementing this concept.

What we learned

We got into the areas of machine learning, sentiment analysis and data visualization which was new to the group, in general.

What's next for Leader Board

Have it work more in real time an get data from multiple sources to better accuracy.

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