The year 2020 has brought a lot of challenges to everyone around the globe. Despite the negative implications that lockdowns brought to most people, we saw a huge opportunity to scale up the business of our client BASF. In the first quarter, we rapidly re-evaluated the way we acquired leads through classic online campaigns and stopped all historic measures to solely focus on Webinars.

Everyone was at home and webinars were the way to go if you wanted to engage with large audiences and scale effectively.

Since BASF (now MBCC) is one of the largest chemical conglomerates worldwide, we were up for the massive challenge. In fact, the company is active in over 90 different countries, with many different languages. You can imagine how many webinars have to be running simultaneously to cover the European markets alone.

Here is where our plan almost failed.

HubSpot has a limitation when integrating GoToWebinar with your HubSpot portal. It can only integrate one GoToWebinar Account at the same time.

That meant that we would have to disconnect/reconnect another GoToWebinar Account every time we finished a webinar session (it would have simply been impossible with 5-6 daily webinars).

In order to solve this, we rapidly gathered our creative development board to discuss what we can do. We came up with a server application that makes it possible to integrate as many GoToWebinar Accounts into your HubSpot Portal as you want.

That was it. The floodgates were open.

We now have the power to integrate all the GoToWebinar Accounts from offices around the world, in many different languages, into one HubSpot Account. It felt like we were the digital headquarter of the company at the same time since we were able to gather and analyze all data that was acquired through the webinars.

We could see when people joined, how long they stayed, and easily segment different markets into groups so that we can follow up and convert new leads.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We have already onboarded two more of our clients that have had the same issue and plan to roll this feature out to more users asap. We believe this can be more helpful to many more HubSpot Customers.

What it does

The GoToWebinar Connector makes it possible for HubSpot Users to integrate as many GoToWebinar Accounts as possible. Due to the fact that lots of large businesses cannot use Zoom, GoToWebinar has become the #1 for hosting webinars in many countries within Europe, in combination with HubSpot. Read more here

Therefore this solution is a great way to bring the efforts from international companies together and join all data into one HubSpot Account.

How we built it

We have used the Vue framework to make the UX faster and sharp. It helps to change the content + form on click of the event in the select box.

We created a custom object called "Webinars" that helps us to list each upcoming webinar in our custom module. This way, the editor can pick a webinar from different GoToWebinar accounts rather than being limited to see a list of events from one GoToWebinar account.

Each event created inside the module has its own details along with its own form. Event 1 = Details 1, Image 1, Form 1 Event 2 = Details 2, Image 2, Form 2

Each form has a hidden field that is set when a user selects a specific event during the form submission. That hidden value stands for the WebinarID which is used by the dedicated workflow taking care of the communication between HubSpot and GoToWebinar. The workflow sends a post request to the Google Cloud Function, and the contact is registered into the related GoToWebinar event.

Challenges we ran into

We had to find a way to bring the data from different GoToWebinar Accounts all back to one HubSpot Account. Currently, it’s not possible to do that in HubSpot. You can only connect one HubSpot Account with one GoToWebinar Account. So if you want to switch between GoToWebinar Accounts, you have to disconnect and reconnect every time you are running a webinar.

It’s not manageable once you have more than 3-4 countries that own their own GoToWebinar Account. A lot of users complained about this problem ( read more here ) in the HubSpot Community.

After hundreds of tests, we came up with a solution that worked. The server application would now pull in all data into our global HubSpot Account.

We now have the power to make use of our newly acquired data and segment, follow up and eventually convert our new leads.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have already onboarded two more of our clients that have had the same issue and plan to roll this feature out to more users asap. We believe this can be more helpful to many more HubSpot Customers.

—> Unfortunately we cannot share the exact numbers of our campaigns, but it was highly successful. We managed to accomplish a YoY Growth of 662% increase of new lead acquisition. If further proof is required, we are happy to follow up here.

What we learned

Sometimes shit happens. 2020 was a disaster in many different ways.

However, every crisis brings opportunities. This was one of them.

If you stay optimistic for long enough, good things will happen. Thanks to the wonderful HubSpot Community that helped us along the way.

What's next for Lead Generator-Integration of unlimited GoToWebinar Accounts

We have already worked on a campaign to bring this to many more HubSpotters as we know that this is super painful for the users.

We will make sure to help others along the way to scale up their webinar efforts and create high conversion rates.

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