We wanted to create a sophisticated method of finding and creating real-estate lead offers. If this can be achieved, initial steps of find leads as a real-estate agent can become efficient and easy.

How it works

Our web application allows the user to automate much of the initial work required to find a lead as a real-estate agent. This is achieved by accepting real-estate information, searching zillow api to retrieve housing price estimates, creating a pdf contract with to be emailed to the property owner. In addition, Lead Assitant monitors any replies to these contract offer emails. This process starts with simple web interface, flows through the zillow api, save data to a mySQL database, creates a PDF and sends an email with the pdf attached. Server side, there are cron jobs being executed to track any incoming replies and notifying the real-estate agent.

Challenges I ran into

We found that the Zillow api interacted weirdly on our inmotion hosting server. This significantly slowed our progress in creating Lead Assistant. This came down a problem simply with sending curl commands from that specific server. We were able to achieve our process on a local host server.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to say we were able to create a web application that not only process real-estate information, quickly and easily, but that we are also able to monitor your email account and notify you when a reply to contract offer occurs.

Big accomplishments came everywhere from imap functionality to interfacing with google and zillow api.

What's next for Lead Assistant

The future of lead Assistant comes in the form of filling out functions and creating more options for the real-estate agent as well as developing a backend allowing real-estate agents to interact with their clients.

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