The problem Le sas>viractual solves

  1. Distance that separate people
  2. Confinement today, social isolation tomorrow
  3. Access to culture and knowledge
  4. Transportation burden

The solution Le sas>viractual brings to the table

  1. Concept: Farcaster portals to cross so everyone’s avatar can remotely meet and actually share rational and emotional experiences with enhanced social VR.
  2. Technology: A whole technology based on the digital twin (DigiTwin) which joins any platform (computers, tablets, mobiles, VR gears) together around shared private or public 3D worlds.
  3. Focus: An ease of remote access to each other with the sense and power of presence and sharing, with a light footprint on the world An acceleration of original learning with body engagement
  4. Scope: Academia and learning centers, art centers and artists, industry and remote working, anyone with secured public and private contents

What we have done during the hackathon

  1. Remote discussions throughout Europe
  2. Exchanges with experts
  3. Collections of thoughts and needs
  4. Enhancement of the proposition

The solution’s impact to the crisis

  1. Body involved remote exchanges
  2. Relief on social confinement
  3. Culture and knowledge dissemination

The necessities in order to continue the project

  1. Building a network of European partners (universities, libraries,...) to set the first farcaster networks
  2. Making a business plan on free access and access fees
  3. Raising funds

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

A farcaster network:

  1. to ease collaborative remote human communication, learning facilities, culture and knowledge sharing in confined or not confined situations;
  2. to alleviate the transportation burden while filling our crucial need to social sharing of emotions

Bacground story

Being together as close as possible, sharing science and art works as much as possible, living rational and emotional experiences with one another while far away, far different and maybe confined, Le sas>viractual wishes to set distrans gates people could open to virtually travel and meet with a strong feeling of the others' presence. Le sas>viractual wishes to cope for a decreasing use of actual transportation means, to work for culture and social deconfinement.

Le sas>viractual is a platform that aims at transforming scientific and artistic exchanges and data processing through an immersive and collaborative solution allowing several users, physically or virtually gathered through a computer network and virtual reality headsets and controllers, to:

  1. Load universes and scientific or artistic datasets into shared virtual spaces
  2. Visualize and manipulate these datasets and a representation of users in these universes
  3. Navigate spatially together in data and universes
  4. Share the point of view of other users on the spot or later on ## Ongoing developments Two universes have already been developed to demonstrate Le sas>viractual: SCIdataVR for science and See me through you for art. ## Challenges
  5. Developing a network through universities and libraries
  6. Adapting the technology to mobile phone for augmented use - similar to VRsets

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