Apart from Traditional pdfs, portfolios are the new hype. Having an interactive and interesting portfolio definitely is a boost, even better if it has a literal Voice Assistant.

What it does

  • Theme Toggler - no more theme wars, with support for color theme based on system theme
  • Github Statistics for the user
  • Voice-enabled chatbot, ask a website to do stuff (How cool is that)

How we built it

The project is a simple website with Ruby as the backend, we started out with setting up the project (which was a nightmare especially on Arch) and started working on the theme switcher and the colors for the dark theme which we managed to write and create a PR the very same day as our KickOff which was a great experience.

Then we started working on some improvements to the theme toggler and implemented the theme toggle based on the system theme and created a PR.

After that, we started working on the integration of AlanAI and we managed to create a PR but due to some merge conflicts, it didn't go merged.

After adding the GitHub stats to the portfolio we came back to the AlanAI and finally managed to resolve all merge conflicts and create a PR.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up ruby on our systems with different OS, and going through the documentation of AlanAI and figuring out the pipeline of commands was very exciting too and then implementation got us in some serious bugs which we were able to fix. And handling the edge cases like, if the resume link doesn't exist or the user hasn't added his calendly link.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successful integration of the VoiceAI feature. It made us really proud of the unique idea and implementation. And one more thing we would like to add is that collaborating as a team was great too and we are very proud to be a really good team because like Alex said There is no I in a team

Our PRs:

Feat: Integrated Alan AI #42

Fixed #27 (System theme button not working) #31

Dark theme based on System Theme #12

What we learned

Working with ruby and Jekyll was new for us. We learned and understood the basics of web development on Ruby. Most importantly we learned how to communicate and work as a team, being inclusive of all kinds of fellows with different tech stacks of different levels. Each person has their own style of developing and understanding and working together was the most valuable experience.

What's next for Lé Portfolio

More voiceAI features and modified and better UI for all screens

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