Though I love my work, some time ago I started notice that my busy schedule was having a negative impact on my diet. Despite having food at home, I was choosing drive thru's instead of cooking fresh and my weekly shopping of whole foods and veggies was going to waste. Thus, I realized this was mainly happening because every time I would intend to cook and look for a recipe online, I would be missing one or two ingredients. That troubled me! Having to head out to the supermarket to make something tasty is not always convenient, but having to take the inconvenience on your health is not good either. That's when I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have an app that would tell me what I can cook using only what I already have available at home? I feel that knowing how to get the best out of the food you have at home is important to improve at keeping yourself healthy. Especially if you do not go shopping for food with the list of ingredients of your favorite recipes in mind! In that sense, our app tries to serve exactly that purpose. It uses different Web APIs to search for recipes online and a barcode scanning for maintaining records of food you have home. The main objective is to keep track of the goods you already have available and filter through recipes that can be cooked with them. We feel that such an idea can fit into the environment of apps that support a better lifestyle and contribute to improving healthy living. We are convinced that such tool will for sure be useful for a lot of people.

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