It all started when we had a boring class going on and when a friend of mine introduced to me this game called cows and bulls. There were a lot of people playing this game but they all took so much time to figure out cows and bulls. That's when this idea struck our mind to automate this process of calculating the number of cows and bulls

What it does

It's basically a word game where one person enters the secret word and the other player gets 10 chances to guess the word. If the letter in the word is in the right location it is counted as a bull and if the letter is there in the word but wrong location it is counted as a cow.

How I built it

I used html5 , css3 and javaScript to make this game.

Challenges I ran into

I spent a lot of time getting the logic of the game right and lay-outing everything as the user enters the word. A lot of bugs arose when I tried to display the word dynamically .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to make a static webpage to make a fully working game that students in my class play now.

What I learned

Even a small thing can come with a lot of issues, all we need is patience and never give up on what we are doing even if it's something small.

What's next for Lé COWS et Lé BULLS

I'm planning to add authentication and add a leaderboard for players who play the game.

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