LDLN (pron. "Landline") is a virtual network that works in harmony with powered mobile apps to help organizations efficiently deliver relief services to communities affected by natural disasters. In short, it's Optimized Relief.

Using inexpensive, battery-powered mini-computers, LDLN distributes information quickly and reliably between the ground teams’ mobile apps and end users of the LDLN service -- which means, for example, that when a bridge linking two towns is damaged and unpassable, responders can record the location of that bridge, and LDLN spreads the word so that organizations heading to that area can seek an alternative route, saving time and financial resources.

What’s unique about LDLN is the software behind the service -- because it relies on data collected through forms in the mobile apps, GPS, and the Internet, it has the powerful capability to grow according to scale. If people report that all six major bridges to a location have collapsed, everyone (including NGOs, aid groups, local and national government, and corporate volunteers) can know at a glance that air or water transportation will be needed to get crews on the ground, or that teams delivering those relief goods may have to adjust their crew’s numbers.

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