Premise: When looking at the class list (example: here) it is very annoying to open a dozen different windows to compare professors.

The extension will be in the browser bar and show you the scores for all professors on the page in a small window, saving you time and effort.

Quick Description: Chrome extension scrapes the class schedule page to grab professor names, then displays their ratemyprof details without needing to open dozens of tabs and compare instructors

Current Status:

  • There are currently two versions of the project:
  • - A demo that shows what the extension would look like once the proper data was sent to the js file that injects into the html, using sample data
  • - A collection of scripts that scrape the relevant web pages
  • However, the biggest issue is that when scraping the web pages, we are encountering errors due to the asynchronous function. The function successfully grabs the html file that we need to scrape and converts it to a string, but it is impossible to return that string outside of the function. Thus, nothing is ever passed and injected in the "real" version of the extension and it shows up blank.
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