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Do you try to get something done before microwave timers finish? What about while waiting on water to boil? Lazy Chef takes those micro-optimization to the next level by providing the easiest, most time-efficient set of instructions to complete any sequence of tasks.

  • Want to go grocery shopping with a list of ingredients sorted by aisle?

  • Want to cook an awesome but involved recipe perfectly on your first try, and in the least amount of time?

  • Want to make sure you're making use of time waiting on the water boiling or the chicken baking?

  • Want to combine tasks shared across multiple recipes when preparing a multi-course meal?

  • Want to have your employees replicate a recipe without having to learn it?

  • Want to divide work efficiently between friends in a group cooking effort?

Lazy Chef solves all these problems my turning your end goals into a easy, timed, automated sequences of action items.


Lazy Chef is a web application prototype that allows users to select recipes, from which Lazy Chef generates an ingredient shopping list and a sequence of micro-instructions to guide the user through completing all the recipes in the least amount of time. The interface for instructions features an array of timers, progress of action items (e.g. chopping mushrooms), upcoming tasks, and progress of background tasks (e.g. boiling water).

Lazy Chef features a robust recipe import system, that takes a simple, human readable file and adds it to a library of recipes. The library can generate a set of instructions for any set of recipes in the library whose prerequisite ingredients are listed.

Lazy Chef was implemented in Python and Javascript. Thorough documentation for the Python backend is provided via docstring.

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Recipe Selection


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Upcoming Features

  • Nutrition Fact Estiamtion: Know exactly what you get out of each portion!

  • Social Recipe Sharing: Create your own recipes and share them with friends!

  • Multi-participant Optimization: Split the tasks among a team or group of friends!

  • Skillwise Personalization: Specify how long it takes you to perform each task!


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