This is a bot that parses images and uses the facial recognition API OpenCV to process the image with Python's Pillow. The input is gathered from a reddit post input by calling the bot, then the final product is uploaded with the Imgur API, and commented back to the original post, covering multiple edge cases and options!

You can let it parse the post image by just calling the bot, or specifying a URL for the bot to parse and using that image instead. It will be able to handle it regardless!

You can also use the following website to test it:

See our Github repository for more details.

Github readme:

Lazybot Cusehacks 2020 project by: Maxwell Bockmann, Joshua Park, Tim Kilmer, Lucio Chen, Dounglan Cheung

Lazybot is a bot that takes images as an input and uses a facial recognition API to place lazers on the eyes then deep fry the image. Lazybot is based on Reddit and can be called to a post or comment by typing "/u/lazer_eye_bot" or "/u/lazer_eye_bot [image url]".

We use the following packages/libraries:

--> PRAW for reddit

--> OpenCV for facial recognition and eyes recognition

--> PIL for image processing

--> Requests HTTP Library to get the URLs

--> Random standard library

--> Time standard library

--> Re standard library

--> Imgur API for posting images on Imgur

--> Nginx1.14.0 and PHP-fpm7.2 on the webserver

Built With

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