As a crypto investor, trader and DeFi user, I have always found managing a crypto portfolio is too time consuming. Every trade & investment requires navigating different exchange UIs to place simple orders. Portfolios are scattered across multiple exchanges and wallets on different chains, it’s hard to know what you own and where, let alone managing your crypto.

What it does

Lazy Trade is one platform for:

  • Cross exchange and cross chain trading, investing and portfolio tracking
  • Gives a breakdown of where your funds are (on chain and on centralilzed exchanges)
  • Personalized social media & indicator feeds
  • Powerful trading features with advanced order types and an analytics platform
  • Accessible from anywhere

How we built it

Hard work and hours and hours of coding (also react, js, python & SQL). Integrations with Telegram, Twitter, Tradingview and Centralized exchange APIs. Frontend code and Chrome Extension development to interface with DEXs and DEX aggregators.

Challenges we ran into

Building security (approval on the chrome web store). Tying APIs calls together and avoiding rate limits from sites like Telegram and Twitter. Creating one interface where you can trade anything and everything is not easy (otherwise it would have been done before). Different exchanges have different integrations and DEXs have very different UIs we had to interface with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making it easier to trade crypto than it ever has been. Saving vital minutes in time for investors and traders. Helping to building trust into the crypto ecosystem with our analytics platform.

What we learned

We learned that there is much space to build something that has not existed before and that DEX volume is catching up to CEX volume.

What's next for Lazy Trade

We're just getting started, many things in the pipeline, we will support every exchange and chain we possibly can and add powerful trading features! We'd love to integrate smart contracts so you can view charts and trade from the same interface you use Binance or FTX and aggregate all of your current trades (on chain). We also want to scale this service to thousands of users (currently 12 downloads for the Chrome Extension). We're just getting started, we would like to raise funds and hire top talent to build the integrations and start improving and promoting Lazy Trade.

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