The real motivation for this project was to allow users access a Safer Internet wherever they are and whichever Device they use (From Smartphones to IoT Devices). From using 3rd Party Services and Self Hosted solution, I learnt about a lot of challenges in connectivity, security and most importantly privacy in VPN Systems. Hence we built a Decentralized VPN Services Marketplace where a common standard in the network would be followed across multiple service providers or self hosted solutions. Given the isolation currently being experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all of the people are working from home and not all of them have access to the enterprise firewall in their homes. The most vulnerable are the startups and small businesses who would be soft target to phishing attacks, ransomware, malware or internet viruses. Hence we decided to work on a secure firewall which filters the internet based on blacklisted Websites/IP/domains and only allows the users to access safe websites.

What it does

We leverage AI and Blockchain Technologies For Cyber Defense to protect individuals and companies from cyber-attacks like ransomware, email spoofing, phishing etc. We help them by securing the network layer within their home/office so that all applications can only access authorized services and malicious services are blocked. Our technology can be used from our cloud and the companies can also choose to host it On Prem to save costs and have freedom to customize it as per their needs.

How We built it

We do this by Leveraging AI and Blockchain Technologies to create a Smart Contract based Firewall on the Network Layer for all devices connected to Home or Office Internet.

Our Products:

  1. Lazarus VPN
  2. Lazarus Firewall
  3. Lazarus Blockchain
  4. Lazarus Drive
  5. Lazarus Stream

Lazarus VPN offers encrypted tunneling solution for end users offering WireGuard VPN Tunneling, secured by Ed25519 Private Key Encryption, Multi Region Network, Peer to Peer network access and a lot more.

Lazarus Firewall is incorporated on the network layer (DNS Layer) for detecting and eliminating cyber threats which try to attack the application system. Our system filters the web based on blacklisted Websites/IP/domains and only allows the users to access safe websites based on our database. We also would connect to 3rd party APIs to get more list of malicious domains and validate it across the Alexa rank to have it blocked on our network. We also enable users/administrators to create a database of whitelisted and blacklisted domains to improve the network overtime.

Lazarus Blockchain is the underlying technology for the smart contract and keep an immutable record of transactions in the network.

Lazarus Drive provides seamless data storage and sharing solution to the users. IPFS makes distribution of high volumes of data with high efficiency. The users would be able to host their data on the network of computers reducing the cost of storage.

Lazarus Stream Service offers Secure and Decentralized Live Video Streaming using IPFS. The stream will be more secure as it uses end to end encryption.

The decentralized network allows our users to stream content without any restrictions and reduce the cost of live Streaming. Lazarus Email and Teams solution is targeted towards the enterprise users who would want to track the data accessed within the network and protect the systems from phishing attacks.

Challenges I ran into

One of the major challenges we encountered was in handling the private keys for their account and we decided to change our UX and allowed the user to come with his own private keys for achieving better security in using our services. Another one was to create and deploy docker images for the specific services when the user creates a private network for his home/enterprise

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating Lazarus Tunnel Solution. This allows any system to open ports on the local machine bypassing the firewalls and NAT to the Internet.

What I learned

A Lot: Flutter, GoLang, Docker, VPN Systems, Firewalls etc. and why decentralized systems are the future of Internet.

What's next for Lazarus Network

  1. Launching Token Curated Registries for the Blacklisted IPs/Domains
  2. Mobile Application
  3. Streaming, Chat and Email solution.
+ 10 more
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