We were inspired to augment the art gallery experience from the perspective of the artist trying to engage with prospective customers and clients, to assist in helping the audience understand traditional printing and art methods while attending a traditional gallery show. We used Daniel Danger's silkscreened fine art prints of multiple color ink layers that can be expanded in AR.

What it does

In collaboration with Daniel Danger we've created a way to enjoy his artwork in a new way. You can see his screen print process layer by layer in a way previously impossible.

How I built it

Working with Daniel Danger, we took his layered artwork separated them into layers and created a composite that you can stretch out in 3D space. We created 3D environments using Blender with a style consistent with the base artwork. Then we placed these environments using the hololens to reflect the real life positions of the artwork in the gallery.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It looks awesome.

What's next for LayARs

Were gonna disrupt the art world!

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