There is such a prevelent stigma surrounding mental health in America. This chatbot is our way of normalizing mental health culture.

What it does

Tune into LAX, if you're feeling sad,anxious, or insecure ,and you will have a self-care exercise tailored to your specific criteria. LAX asked for your mood, mobility, time duration, and helps you feel better through API.AI.

How we built it

API.AI is a platform for building conversational interfaces for bots, applications, and devices. Using JSON we input queries - our input data- and some intents. From there we let the AI train our bot, to give better and better responses then hosted our chatbot on a website.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we faced was the AI misreading our intents and giving us wrong answers. To overcome this we manually made it more precise by creating more specific intents.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to link to external videos and a Crisis helpline in case the user needs professional help.

What we learned

AIs are difficult and annoying, but it really put our critical thinking to the test. We felt a lot of motivation through every milestone of this project. Each of us learned more about machine learning, proxy server hosting, and html development than any other time before.

What's next for LAX

We were looking at having this chatbot mounted as a standalone app, so that users can monitor their progress daily.

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