Have you ever had to contact with a lawyer to obtain some legal advice? Or are you maybe a lawyer and tired of receiving hundreds of emails and never knowing which email belongs to which case?

We have the solution for both you as a client or a lawyer. A joined communications platform that collects all communication and documents in one place and provides both side with a transparent and easily understandable timeline that lets you track the progress of the case.

Lawyers can keep track of their different cases and efficiently collaborate with other colleagues or third party partners through our platform.

Core Features

  • Parse emails into an intuitive and easy-to-consume time line
  • Add milestones and encourage full transparency regarding the current status and the next steps of a case
  • Collaboration between the lawyer, client, and other legal entities
  • Instant messaging for additional questions
  • Exchange files and assign internal tasks`
  • Automatically retrieve related cases and laws

With our new platform endless email threads are a thing of the past. Lawyer++ makes legal work transparent, efficient, and collaborative.

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