Health is a crucial yet most important sector .Healthcare services are offered worldwide to help people and hospitals have built their websites or apps for this, however, this winter some of my friends faced the problem while they were looking for some good hospitals.In the pandemic it is not possible to visit hospitals and websites don't give enough information about the services and staff of hospital.Therefore ,I came up with this website for the people who wants to gather enough information about the services and other significant area.This project is solely inspired by the real problems faced.

What it does

This website is a hospital website named as " Lawrence Hospital" .These are some functionalities of this project. • It allows smooth customer service online-This website allows you to access all the necessary information which further saves time and the effort. And book the appointments as per your convenience.

• Cost Effective

• Builds Credibility- Providing solutions to patients for their health issues. Doing so helps to boost the credibility of your Hospital that further attracts more information seekers.

• Doctors and staff directory

• Testimonials by patients

How we built it

This user friendly project is made with frontend technologies like HTML,CSS and Javascript. Also after brainstorming a lot of features are added.

Challenges we ran into

It was bit difficult to code some parts such as fixing the navigation bar, the bootstrap cards , form validation and donation portal but it was fun spending time on these things and finally getting them done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project is helpful for people who cannot move out of their houses during this time as it provides more than enough information about the hospital services, the major research areas , staff of the hospital and other information about covid 19.

  • We are proud to bring the review section in website that will help users to know about the experience of other patients .
  • It builds credibility as it provides solutions to their problems.

What we learned

This is my first hackathon and working on some real world problems gave me chance to learn and brush up my skills.I learned about bootsrtap classes and how to implement them also how to create a good website that includes good color combinations that ultimately leads to good user experience.I am happy that I participated in this hackathon and learned how to make amazing websites using frontend technologies.

What's next for Lawrence Hospital

In future we can add these features to the website to make it more useful.

  • Real time video consults with physicians and pharmacists.
  • Better Reach- Live yoga sessions
  • Secure payment gateway-Alerts will be sent on Discount Authorization. Automatic due capture, option to bill before and after consultation.
  • Prescription Management -Option to show medicines available in the pharmacy. SMS prescriptions to Patients.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)- This electronic based medical record system can be viewed as a patient’s health chart. It retrieves information based on the patient’s name or medical record number or the physician’s record number.
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