The inspiration was drawn from the struggle students go through sometimes in caring for themselves, staying positive, and committed to their goals. We drew inspiration from the positive effect that every day wins such as getting a full night's sleep, cooking, and eating three meals a day can have.

What it does

You sign up to create an account and then choose and name a pet to take care of. Each time you log into the app, you're given a short questionnaire asking about how you day has gone, your mood, and if you've accomplished daily, weekly, or monthly commitments bit or small. Based on your answers to these latter questions, you receive coins you can spend on your pet! The idea is that by taking care of your pet, you take care of yourself.

How we built it

Our team build this with Java and XML in Android Studio using Git version control.

Challenges we ran into

Three out of our four members had never touched Android Studio, and two had never used Java, so there was a bit of a learning-curve for much of the team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of getting so far in creating an app with so little previous experience and for getting it done in a day's time! We all also learned a lot!

What we learned

We definitely learned a lot about Android Studio and Object-Oriented Development. Several of us used our past experiences with web technologies such as HTML and CSS to draw parallels and make it easier to learn/understand XML.

What's Next for I-Care?

There's a lot of possible functionality for this app! We have several ideas on how to example the project including fleshing out the pet store where you can buy clothes and other items to customize your pet. Another is a summary page where you can see a grid layout summarizing how you've done each day in the past week, month, and year. One idea that we really like is the ability to connect to close friends on the app. When you're having a really bad day (or even a really good one!) the user can opt-in to have the app automatically send a notification to close connections to let them know.

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