Not everyone has the money or geographic location to have access to good lawyers and learn about what is fair or legal. However, smartphones and the internet are increasingly popular among third-world and developing countries. What if anyone from anywhere can know their legal rights and be able to obtain answers to specific legal problems occurring in their daily life for a small price by just using their phones.

What it does

Law4all lets anyone inquire about any legal advice from certified legal advisers while being kept anonymous for a low price. Inquirers can ask a question, list a price that they can afford and then go through with the payment once their question was answered to their standard. The advisers will be pre-approved lawyers or law practitioners who compete to answer "everyday" questions for some extra cash. Whomever answers the inquiries first will have their answer presented to the inquirer. The payments can be payed and acquired with either ether or fiat currency (USD). Anonymous identities means anyone can use the app and those who are unfair will be lowly rated on the Toshi app and blacklisted.

How I built it

Using Toshi's API, i was able to alter Javascript code and make the app that I want.

Challenges I ran into

It was very difficult to connect the two clients without smart contracts and there's lack of support on Toshi.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building my first bot app and turning my first DApp project into reality.

What I learned

The ease of use of Toshi and the mobile benefits it can bring to the blockchain. How smart contracts are coded and how they can be used for many practical applications.

What's next for Law4all

Implementing smart contracts with Toshi's upcoming APIs. Putting anonymous voice chat into the app so that advisers can talk to inquirers.

Built With

  • toshi
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