This app was inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement. Through the use of our phones, we're able to document when a mundane routine, such as being pulled over, can escalate to something dreadfully more serious.

When we are at the discretion of higher authority, bad things may happen. Civilians may feel skittish, anxious, or scared even though we should feel safe at the presence of law enforcements. In worse situations we may actually be at the mercy of law enforcements who may intentionally misinform people, so that they unknowingly relinquish their rights.

What it does

This is where Law Enforcer - Enforcer or LE2 comes in. I understand that not all police intentionally misinform citizens, but this provides a quick, active double check of everyone's rights in case of confrontation. LE2's goal is to provide reassurance, ease of mind, and safety as we all try to follow the law of the land. This mobile iOS app utilizes Apple's Speech to interact and communicate with civilians discreetly while they are confronted by law enforcements.

How I built it

Please refer to the video link on Imgur for a demo In order of accomplishments

  • [x] Sleek butttons
  • [x] Enabling voice and speech recognition
  • [x] Displaying the voice as a sound wave
  • [x] Hardcoded results based on ACLU's website so that it appears to respond to the law enforcement's comments

Challenges I ran into

I tried to make use of the Natural Language Processing on Apple's developer site, but I could not even get to the point of storing conversations. Voice was detected but I was unable to save the speech for processing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm glad that the execution gets its point across. LE2 is a discreet app that can provide reassurance to people. I've had the idea of LE2 since the riots a couple of months ago and I'm proud that I have finally developed a prototype with the help of Matahacks' friendly competition and encouragement.

What I learned

SwiftUI is a big step up to other mobile development platforms. I learned how to create a clean app and make use of Apple's Core Data. I also learned that I am very capable of participating in Hackathons and hope to take on at least 2 a year. I am also more willing to work in a team, since I worked alone on this one.

What's next for Law Enforcer - Enforcer (LE2)

Adding a Yelp like interface of law consultants so that users can choose between having a machine as back up or actual people. Also, getting the actually NLP to work and added flashier transitions.

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