I was inspired by the ability of tabletop and text-based RPGs to allow people to experiment and experience different identities and explore what their sexual and gender identities mean to them, in a safe and fun environment. I am also inspired by the 1980s-style choose your own adventure novels, and want to spread both fun and fact as much as I can.

What it does

The website will host several games written by myself and in the future by other queer writers, as well as other content as I get it!

How we built it

The website prototype was built in Figma, and the program was written in Java.

Challenges we ran into

I'm a supernoob (started learning Java about 5 weeks ago) and so there were so. many. challenges. But I came here mostly as a learning experience! Once I learn OOP and a better language for hosting games on the web, I'll rewrite what I've got and hopefully publish the site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole thing! I made much more progress than I expected to, and learned a lot along the way.

What we learned

Many different tricks in Java, and how to use Figma, GitHub, and web prototyping.

What's next for LavenderLibX Queer RPG

Hopefully rewriting in a better language, and using OOP to improve gameplay; the game will also include some combat, riddles, more story branches, and a web-based platform to make it look nice and pretty. I also am consulting with other queer writers who are interested in contributing stories (both fantasy and contemporary) and am hoping to expand the project in future!

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