The classics.

What it does

Merges classic side scrolling adventures and virtual reality.

How I built it

Am awesome team, great devs and moral support (Hayden)

Challenges I ran into

Lost a member. Source control, source control, source control. No unreal mentors. Unity mentors couldn't assist with unreal basics. Spline controls. No controllers for headsets. Poor sleeping conditions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fun, artistic sprites. Our one developer solved most if not all of our ue4 challenges. Good attitudes and willingness to learn and teach.

What I learned

12 year olds don't get coffee, but make the best project managers and marketers. Level design as it pertains to virtual reality. Resolution of sprites. Complexities of source control. Sprite types and applications. Unreal engine was easier to pickup then expected. Communication is paramount. People are awesome. Mentors are gifts. Friends are priceless.

What's next for Lava Dash

Judgement day. We'll take it home and keep working on the VR experience. We'll be looking for ways to explore VR in our communities.

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