Our team worked on a project for BOBST, which focused on using Augmented Reality to display live data about industrial machines in order to provide information to the user and also to help identify problems.


We were inspired by the idea of working with AR and the challenge that Bobst proposed enabled us to bring something that was on one hand exciting to experiment with and on the other hand presented relevant use cases in an industrial context.

What it does

We use pattern matching to recognize different parts of the machine and display associated data in augmented reality.

How we built it

The project was designed in Java on Android Studio and requires the latest API level to run. We retrieved the machine's live data in a JSON format from a server that the Bobst team provided us. This data is displayed using an AR interface built upon Google's latest ARCore SDK for Android.

Challenges we ran into

At first we wanted to use the AR glasses that Bobst provided as the project's platform but the android API version didn't allow us to use the ARCore SDK so we had to switch to a tablet.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Having something that worked even in under 24 hours. This is mainly due to the simplicity of ARCore. We will surely use this tool in other projects.

What we learned

For some of us that weren't familiar with Android Studio, this was a great introduction. Also working with AR was a very different experience than working with a standard 2D UI and we learned a lot from it.

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